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Seasonal flowers

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall – we’ll take care through seasons all

Working with you to establish a proper maintenance plan, we’ll assign a gardening expert to personally care for your property throughout the seasons.

Beginning with a spring clean-up, the Horstmann Brothers team rakes, vacuums and removes any winter leftovers, early tree seeds and dead plant material. Then for the summer months, we will hand-weed, prune, trim and maintain your planting beds. In the fall, our professional will visit again to rake, vacuum and dispose of your leaf problems during the fall. Throughout the winter, Horstmann Brothers is staffed and ready to serve you if any need arises.

Keep your property looking its best all year long with our seasonal clean-ups and regular gardening visits.

Contact us to set-up your year-long maintenance plan or a gardening visit today!


Seasonal flowers