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Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All landscapers, irrigation, and lawn care technicians wear a company uniform.
Our turf applicators and backflow inspectors are licensed, and we have a licensed landscape architect on staff.
We have 2 full time dedicated production managers organizing and scheduling work, weather permitting. Schedule is based on our current workload, and we will do our best to work with your schedule when possible.
A consultation and many estimates are free. After we meet, if a design is needed in order to provide a bid, we will provide you with an estimate for a design in order to bid your landscape project.
We trim small ornamental trees which we can trim with a ladder. We are not insured to climb and to take down a large tree.
Yes, the chemical will need to be activated with water. It is best to water within 24 hours of the treatment, but if you are unable to it will become activated when it rains. You don’t need to worry about the treatment burning your lawn.
Shrubs and Trees: Spring and Fall. Perennials: Spring is best, but late summer and early fall are also fine.
Double ground oak bark mulch is our typical mulch, but we can get other types of mulch upon request.
We take care of sending in all of the paperwork to the county. If you would like a copy, we are happy to provide it.
It means you have a good earthworm population in the soil, it does not necessarily mean you have grubs, though you could.
Moles live underground, but they will come to the surface, so you will see mounds of excavated dirt in your yard. Voles live above ground – you will see lines on the grass and may see holes.
No you must call an exterminator.
No. Upon meeting with you we will come up with a plant list to fit your project and taste & order them in specifically for your job. We do not keep stock of plantings to sell.
Yes we can deliver to your home for you to spread. Please contact the office & we will give you pricing & arrange for a delivery.
We can only vacuum leaves that can be reached from the street and are at the curbside or on the street. We can help you clean the leaves out of your yard & bring them to the street at an additional charge but you will need to arrange that service ahead of time. The pile must be free of sticks and rocks.

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