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Outdoor lighting adds beauty, safety and security to your home

Horstmann Brother's landscape lighting in St. Louis offers a complete range of services including design, installation and maintenance of low-voltage lighting.

Lighted walkways, illuminated patios and glowing water features are only some of the accents that landscape lighting can provide.

Landscape lighting provides invaluable benefits to homeowners and property managers alike:

  • Enhanced appearance – Properly placed landscape lighting can bring unique accents to your home or office and adds a touch of highlighted beauty.
  • Security – Deter unwanted visitors throughout the night by lighting porches or patios, company entrances and parking lots.
  • Safety – Lighted walkways and patios not only scare away potential intruders but also outline paths for those out for an evening stroll.

Contact the landscape lighting department at Horstmann Brothers today to design and install a glowing evening accent for your home or office.

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