Gardening may be a fun hobby for some, but if you want a beautifully landscaped yard without all the maintenance it may be time to outsource your outdoor needs. A full-service company can reduce the amount of time you spend laboring outside, improve the quality of your landscaping, and even save you money. Think your yard might be ready for a full-service treatment? Here’s how we can help:

Lawn and Garden Care:

Regular mowing and garden maintenance are vital to maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn. Weekly attention is best to ensure your yard is carefully cut, trimmed, weeded, and kept free of debris.

Landscape Design and Installation:

Let us help you make your vision a reality! Our team is fully staffed with creative landscape designers, a registered landscape architect, and expert installation crews to help you every step of the way. Throughout the process you’ll receive ‘blueprints’ to help you visualize the possibilities, and to ensure you are thrilled with the end result. In addition to the greenery itself, we offer a variety of stone and hardscaping instillation to bring an added layer of elegance and functionality to your space.

Irrigation and Drainage:

Irrigation systems are the best way to ensure your lawn stays healthy and lush, even thru the hottest summer months. The best news? Many of these systems are more affordable than ever, and can even help you cut back on your water bills! Our irrigation experts will carefully create a path that makes the most efficient use of your space. Once installed, a technician will come out each spring to activate and inspect your system, which makes it one of the easiest and lowest maintenance ways to care for your yard.

If your outdoor space is receiving too much water, consider installing a drainage system which will move water away from your home and redirect it elsewhere. Drainage systems don’t have to be an eyesore – in many cases they can be just as beautifully landscaped as the rest of your yard.

Seasonal Maintenance:

In St. Louis, each season brings new challenges for your home or business. Whether you need a deep spring cleaning, summer hand-weeding and pruning, autumn leaf pickup and disposal, or winter snow and ice removal, we have you covered. Our commercial-grade equipment makes seasonal maintenance quick and easy, so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors.

Landscape Lighting:

Exterior lighting can make your home look magical as you transition from daytime to nighttime, and give you even more time to enjoy your yard. It serves a practical purpose, too – lighting around the home can deter unwanted visitors and pests, and help you move safely around your property. Consider illuminating your pathways, making your deck glow, and smart security spotlights to help you rest easy – when it comes to outdoor lighting, the possibilities are endless!

Plant Consultation:

Thinking about beginning your landscaping project, but not sure where to start? Our experts will sit down and learn more about preferences and goals for your outdoor space, then guide you to plants that will look best and survive well. For those who were born without a green thumb, we’ll be sure to teach you step by step how to care for your new plants so they look beautiful for years to come.


Since 1988, the Horstmann Brothers have earned a reputation for quality customer service and creative solutions to the toughest landscaping problems. And with a full list of services, we will remove the headache of yard maintenance from the smallest lawns to the biggest parks and fields. To discuss your next outdoor project, get in touch with us today!