Leaf removal can seem like a daunting task. These reminders of autumn can threaten to stay in the yard even after the season is over, buried under snow to be discovered the next year. Excess leaves aren’t only just an eyesore: they can prevent photosynthesis, keeping your yard from growing next spring. To keep this from happening, tackle leaf removal early on to avoid dealing with it later – and this handy guide will ensure you’re prepared:

  1. Don’t wait!

    Start the leaf removal process when around 25% of leaves have fallen. Remember, you may have to remove leaves more than once to avoid dealing with huge quantities.

  2. Use a tarp

    Raking leaves into piles and then carrying them around can be a hassle. Instead, lay a tarp down on your yard, and rake the leaves onto the tarp (one with handles is even better). Then, simply fold up the tarp and use that to transport the leaves, whether by carrying the tarp or by pulling it with a lawn mower, if your yard is large. You can also use a leaf blower to blow leaves onto the tarp, instead of just raking. No tarp? Use an old sheet or tablecloth.

  3. Upgrade your rake

    If you’ve been using the same rake for years–or decades–it may be time to shop for a new one. Look for newer designs that can reduce blisters and back aches, or maximize the amount of leaves raked in each sweep.

  4. Use a lawn mower instead

    Not keen on raking? Use a mower to mulch leaves instead. Use a mower specially designed for mulching, or just raise your mower’s blade to the highest setting. By mowing the leaves, not only will the yard be tidied, but the tiny leaf pieces will provide mulch for the rest of the lawn. If you don’t wish to keep the leaves on the lawn, use a mower bag and empty it into garden beds or compost piles.

  5. Call in the professionals

    Sometimes, the task of leaf removal is simply too large to undertake on your own. To guarantee a job well done, give Horstmann Brothers a call. We will rake, vacuum, and dispose of your leaf problems in a time- and cost-efficient manner!

Although the job of leaf removal may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. By making sure that leaves are properly disposed of in the fall – whether on your own or by hiring a professional service, you will secure a yard that’s ready to thrive come spring.